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About KIC Washington

KIC Washington is a non-profit innovation center that is internationally renowned for connecting Korea’s start up community with the rich and vigorous ecosystem of the U.S.

At KIC Wahington, we provide a support platform for some of Korea’s most promising entrepreneurs to link them with markets, networks and capital for global expansion. By aiding entrepreneurs with opportunities and education, we strive to continue to enable the competitive growth of Korea’s new companies.

KIC Programs

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The KIC Start Lean Innovation program (I-Corps) focuses on giving a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship through training in customer discovery and guidance from established Entrepreneurs. The NSF National Certified Instructors and DC I-Corps Nodes will help the teams understand the implications of doing business in a US market by providing the entrepreneurs with an array of targeted services and resources. The goal of this is to improve the odds of success for the Korean startup teams and to explore the U.S market entry strategies.

The KIC Bio I-Corps program focuses on the hands-on, real world learning experience with customer discovery, with the intention of successfully transferring that knowledge into products/processes that will benefit society. It is an iterative process of interviewing potential customers and stakeholders to understand their points of views in the real world. With the NHI National Certified Instructor, this process leads to learnings and insights that will validate or invalidate the key components of the business model, which often lead to pivots.

The KIC Accelerator begins with the Investment Preparations Education Program (“I-Preps”). The I-Preps was designed to help validate a startup’s business development strategy of raising capital in the US from institutional investors. Startups are usually overly focused on product or solution development and are typically behind on raising capital and engaging investors.

I-Preps was made to help these startups with the knowledge to improve their overall valuation in anticipation of raising funds and better management to secure commitments from investors. This program helps give startups a basis for its valuation so that they do not have to depend on investors that may take advantage of them.

MassChallenge and KIC have collaborated to stimulate innovation and cultivate entrepreneurial activity by supporting new entrepreneurs as they develop and execute on game-changing ideas, technologies and discoveries. Bridge to MassChallenge Korea focuses on the education of markets, networks, capital and the expanding innovation ecosystem to further amplify early-stage ideas and business insight of talented and creative entrepreneurs.

Halcyon is an intensive program with a mission to aid positive and visionary Entrepreneurs with their business models and technologies to improve our society. By providing training on long term business developments, securing funds, attracting investments and evaluating corporate value, entrepreneurs are able to grow an understanding on how to build a sustainable and scalable business model and strive to expand their global presence. Along with training, mentoring will be given with top experts in the business and science fields .


We can help you create opportunities to expand your startup’s scopes. Come work with us.


Our network of experts, investors, and entrepreneurs are all committed to your startup’s success.


Our network of experts, investors, and entrepreneurs are all committed to your startup’s success.


Our programs provide you with the understanding of how to do business with insights and learnings.


We can help provide you with the resources you need in order to succeed through our network’s guidance and connections.

Our Startups

Here at KIC, we work with bright and talented newly emerging businesses that are striving to expand their business globally. KIC is proud and honored to work with the following companies.

Sponsers & Partners

We work together with our extensive partners to add on to your growing network in global innovations. We connect and shape long lasting relationships with our partners to help accelerate business growth and achieve success.

Global Innovation Networks

Startups will have access to top-notch mentorships, technical training support, and Global Innovation Networks.

Sunny Lee

Partner, Sughrue Mion, PLLC

Byoung Jo Kang

Founder, B.J. Kang Law, PC

HyunDae Cho

CEO, CrossLife Technologies

Daniel D. Kunitz

Director, I-Corps at George Washington Univesity

Phil Jung

Investment Associate, Maryland Venture Fund

Bob Storey

Managing Director, The MVR Company

Tim Bowden

Managing Partner, Bowden-Jacobsen Partners

Steven S. An

Associate Professor, John Hopkins University

Grant Warner

Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Howard University

Chulan Kwon

Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Per A. Jacobsen

Managing Partner, Bowden-Jacobsen Partners

Robert Balcerzak

CEO, Allotropic Tech

Karl Grover

Analytics and Advisory. Brand reservior

David Powell

Principal, DLP International Business Consulting

Lisa Garcia

CEO, Lisa K. Garcia LLC

Richard Hughen

CEO, Cells Systems

Louis J. Cantolupo

Managing Director, Forty-Four Forty Consulting

Jim Chung

Associate Vice President, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at George Washington University

Bob Smith

Director, Small Business Development Center at George Mason University

Dan Gordon

Managing Director, DanGordonTech LLC

Jin U. Kang

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Sean Collins

Director, Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Virginia Tech

Judy Costello

Managing Director, BioHealth Innovation

Steven Brooks

Principal, Brooks Medtech, LLC

Derrick Maggard

Executive Director, Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Virginia Tech

Floortje Blindenbach

CEO, Organization for Innovation, LLC

Irfan Ali

Maryland Innovation Initiative, TEDCO

Gary Evans

CEO, Axcel Innovation

Steven Brooks

Principal, Brooks Medtech, LLC

Henry Ahn

Program Director, Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships at National Science Foundation

Greg Miller

CEO, Greg Miller and Associates

Jin Kang

Executive Vice President, WidePoint Corporation

Linda Jackson

Director, InfoAge Solutions

Brian Park

CEO, Startup Grind

Kay Seo

Head of Strategic Programm Management, GSMA

Austin Clemens

Director, Quid

Ken Malone

Principal, Early Charm Ventures, LLC

Judith U. Kim

Chair and Partner, Rubin and Rudman LLP

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What is KIC Wahsington?

The Korea Innovation Centers were thus established in Washington and Silicon Valley, the two hottest hubs of innovation economy in the world, with the mission to help Korea’s scientists and entrepreneurs engage with America’s innovation ecosystem via market participation and investment exploration.
The Moon administration focused on innovative entrepreneurship as the newest economic growth engine, the Korean Ministry of Science of ICT formulated economic growth policies on the basis of creative economy principles. By stimulating entrepreneurial spirits of the millennial generation and taking advantage of explosive and exponential advance of information technology, the creative economy policies aim to develop businesses and industries that create exciting and sustainable employment opportunities.

How doWhat Kind of companies do you support?

We are looking for startups focusing on AI, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile, Biotech, Life Sciences, Internet of Things, Engergy, Environment and the 4th Industrial Revolution of IT solutions.
We are seeking industry specific solutions that can bring innovation to Healthcare, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Energy and Socal Impact.

Why KIC-Washington?

KIC-Wahsington is trying to examine and learn the most critical elements of America’s advanced practices and processes that support the world’s most admired innovation economy.
KIC-Washington works with the National Science Foundation to avail NSF’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps) curriculum and NIH’s Bio I-Corps to Korea’s aspiring scientists and engineers so that they could develop entrepreneurial skills and perspectives. Young scientists from Korea’s prominent national technology institutes learn from America’s I-Corps & Bio I-Corps instructors and mentors how to identify potential customers’ pain points, build business models to maximize the value propositions from their technical solutions, and ultimately create commercial and economic values from their laboratory research.

In another program, KIC-Washington is assisting Korean startups to enter prominent America’s public and private sector incubators/agencies such as MassChallenge, Halcyon Incubator, TechCrunch, SBIR and STTR.

What is the minimum requirement to enroll in program?

We are under the Ministry of Science and ICT and we support technology oriented companies from various aspects, such as biotech, lifesciences, 4.0 industrial revolution, AI, AR, VR and more.

When will I hear back about my application?

We usually notify applicats a month vefore the program begins.


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